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To be your partner and guide.  To help you discover your path to performance through personal and customized health and fitness coaching.

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I started my journey to living a healthy lifestyle many years ago.  I was an average multi-sport athlete, earned a few awards, won some trophies, named captain and MVP a couple of times.  I continued participating and competing in sports, even at the varsity level.  Then I stopped being active, 15 years went by...what happened?  

Life happened, as it does for all of us; I got married, had three children, raised a family, had a full-time job and maintained our home.  Juggling all of that, of course there was no time left for me.  I missed being active and feeling healthy.   So I successfully figured out how I could get mini-workouts done within my everyday activities.  That made me realize I could take care of 'me' along with everyone and everything else.

Every day I work on balancing my relationships, career, fitness and mindfulness.   I listen to my body and eat simple, whole, nutrient-rich foods.  

Integrative Nutrition

Wholesome, raw foods to feed our bio individuality.  Natural foods; nutrients to feed our bodies

Nutrition is more than just food.  I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach educated and trained to be your partner and guide.  Discovering your comfort and satisfaction in 4 key areas and guiding you through to reach  your goals by helping you discover your unique path to performance.   

My experience allows me to help you improve your health, happiness and well-being. 

Personal Training

As your personal trainer, I have the ability to communicate, motivate, inspire and support you with a personalized training plan.  I will arm you with the tools and resources to  achieve your goals.

Path 2 Performance is here for you

Health Coach

I will educate and guide you through a six-month integrative nutrition health program tailored to your specific goals.   I am committed to your success.  Give me a call and take the first step to taking charge of your health.  

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Personal Trainer

Tell me about your goals and how you see yourself in the future and we will design a program giving you the steps and support to transform your body. 

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Understanding You

Everyone is different.   We have bio-individuality and I will help you get a better understanding of what works for you and how to fuel your body.  I will listen and guide you to understanding what works best for you.   

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I offer you my commitment... be your partner and guide uncover the barriers that are keeping you from reaching your goals discover your path 2 performance 

Change comes from within and this is your first step to health and happiness.  

Sandra Panajotow - Health Coach

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